What materials are used in the sneakers?

All canvas uppers and rubber out soles

Are these sneakers for men & women?

Yes.  They are unisex.

How does the sizing work?

It’s a simple formula.  Just add two to the men’s size to calculate what the women’s size is.  For example, a men’s size 8 is a women’s size 10.  Currently we are offering nine sizes (no halves), 4/6- 12/14.

What is the minimum order?

For individuals, there is no minimum.  For stores, we require an initial purchase 28 pairs.  Open stock for re-orders.

How do I place an order?

For individuals, purchase online through our PayPal link up.  For stores, please call (267) 991-0120 or e-mail sales@reversus.com to discuss setting up an account.

How much do these cost?

$34.95 is our retail cost.  Stores can call or e-mail to inquire about bulk pricing.

If they are sold out, what is the turn around time for replenishment? 

Generally allow 3-4 months.

How are these shipped?  How long does it take to receive my order?

For individuals, we ship UPS unless specified otherwise by the customer.   Cost is $4.95.   Expect anywhere from 2-4 days for delivery, depending on where you reside.  For stores, we will accommodate your shipping instructions.

How do I pay?

For individuals, we are linked with PayPal.  For stores, we accept checks.

Are there other Reversus branded sneakers on the horizon?

Stay tuned.  We will be at several more big time universities for the start of the 2015 Fall semester.  Check back on the web site for updates.

Is Reversus an officially licensed NCAA reseller?

Yes we are.